George the Yorkie started today, he has been very happy filing his toys in various categories and will be assisting the proprietor Gary with interior security whilst watching for cats out of the window. He has been also been closely watching the maintenance man with a repair to the unit. George is wanting to eventually be promoted to security assistant and hopefully will be getting a uniform (which he is secretly excited about) very soon once the measurements have been supplied to the local dog tailor.

The company has stated that they are very happy to have him here and that as an extra “bone-nus” will be giving him free biscuits and treats to encourage good working relations. He will have to watch his weight though otherwise the uniform will not fit. A peaked cap maybe something to think about although the Santa hat at Christmas did not go down well.

George’s interests away from the office include river walks, waiting for the postman/woman, looking for his friend Prince, who walks past everyday, watching TV with anything to do with documentaries with Chris Packham in it, bird and plane watching. George especially loves the Seasons and enjoys hiding in piles of leaves and making snow angels.